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  • Press conference: "Syria: Key Demands for Lasting Peace - Statement by 18 Syrian Organizations"

    According to a joint statement issued by a group of 18 Syrian civil society organizations five key aspects related to the transitional period in Syria need to be addressed if lasting peace and stability is to be established in Syria

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  • Every 25 seconds, we lose one person on the world’s roads

    Jean Todt, United Nations Secretary General's Special Envoy for Road Safety, and Christian Friis Bach, Executive Secretary of UNECE, which is the custodian of the UN road safety conventions and agreements, will present on the how the United Nations and road safety agencie

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  • 86e Salon International de l’automobile

    Le 86e Salon international de l’automobile se présente sous ses meilleurs auspices : les 106’000m² de surface d’exposition disponibles à Palexpo sont entièrement occupés.

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