" US/Sweden espionage case against WikiLeaks/Assange"

Lundi, 26 Jan 2015 - 15:45
« La Pastorale » Route de Ferney 106, Genève (Bus 5 - Direction : Aéroport - Arrêt : Intercontinental)


Judge Baltasar Garzon
Director of Julian Assange's defence team

Sarah Harrison & Kristinn Hrafnsson
WikiLeaks journalists


Melinda Taylor
Lawyer for Mr. Assange

The speakers will address the press on the US 'espionage' investigation against WikiLeaks and the related matter of Sweden's ongoing obstruction of Mr. Assange's asylum, immediately after Sweden's Universal Periodic Review session at the UN Human Rights Council. Fifty-nine legal and human rights organisations raised concerns about Sweden's conduct in the UPR process so far. The press conference will reveal new evidence of the ongoing attempts of the United States government to bring an Espionage Act prosecution against WikiLeaks.

Questions can be asked in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. There will be an important photo opportunity when evidence is presented.